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low pressure slurry knife gate valve

  • High pressure knife gate valves SLH and SLX Stafsjö

    Stafsjös knife gate valves SLH and SLX are designed for the most demanding high pressure applications with slurry and other abrasive media where operation reliability and low life cycle cost are emphasized. The SLH is designed for pressure up 20 bar/290 psi while the SLX

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  • What is a knife gate valve and where is it used? AVK

    The knife gate valves are especially beneficial for handling slurry, viscous, corrosive and abrasive media. The valves have a minimised pressure drop in fully open position, they are easy to actuate, they have a relatively low weight and are cost effective.

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  • The Knife Gate Slurry Valve NewCon Co.

    The Knife Gate Slurry Valve by NewCon Co. The NewCon knife gate valve offers 100% isolation without the inconvenience of slurry being expelled to atmosphere. With NewCon, nearby equipment is safe from the mess caused by other KGVs, and a Newcon valve will keep slurry inside the pipe where it belongs for a very long time. For nearly 30 years,...

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  • CMO Valves Slurry Gate Valves Manufacturing the valve

    Slurry gate valves This valve´s main characteristics is that it provides a full continuos flow. This means that in open position it produces no cavities and there are no turbulences in the fluid. Bidirectional waferdesign knife gate valve. Monoblock one piece cast iron body.

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  • Valves Isogate® Weir Brands

    The Isogate® WHP series high pressure, heavy duty, slurry knife gate valve is specifically designed for tough, abrasive and corrosive high pressure slurry applications. KGL series The Isogate® KGL features a fully lugged (optional wafer design) single piece cast stainless steel body to cater to the more demanding applications, including end

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  • How Does a Knife Gate Valve Work Valve News

    A knife gate valve is a component that utilizes a blade to cut through clogging of heavy liquids. These valves were designed to work in some of the most corrosive, erosive and abrasive environments in the world. Knife gate valves were originally designed for the pulp and paper industry. Stringy pulp would get stuck between the wedge and the seat of a normal gate valve and prevent flow

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  • Whats The Difference Between a Knife Gate and Slide Gate?

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  • High Pressure Slurry Knife Gate Valve Products FCA

    The GMHP model FCA knife gate can withstand high pressure flows for severe service (Class 150#). Its doubleseated design offers a bidirectional shutoff. Its doubleseated design offers a bidirectional shutoff.

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  • Knife Gate Valves Red Valve

    Knife Gate Valves For Handling Tough Slurries. Red Valve's Knife Gate Valves are the perfect compliment to our broad range of slurry handling products. All Red Valve Knife Gate Valves are designed and engineered to a higher standard, to provide the best performance possible.

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  • Knife gate valves Orbinox

    HG (SER.68) Slurry high pressure knife gate valve Slurry bidirectional high pressure full flanged knife gate valve with rubber sleeves More info XC (SER.14) Bulk handling hopper shape knife gate valve Unidirectional hopper shape wafer style knife gate valve for discharge, material and bulk handling applications More info

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